Intelligent Transportation Systems

A broad range of diverse technologies, known collectively as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), holds the answer to many of our transportation problems. Primary goals of deploying ITS technologies are to gain improvements in efficiency and air quality as well as to reduce traffic congestion.
Key Benefits

✔ Operational Efficiency
✔ Improved Air Quality
✔ Regional Congestion Reduction
✔ Increased Patron and Operator Safety
✔ Liability Mitigation for the Transit Authority
✔ Real-time Data for Improved Decision-making
✔ Improved Customer Service
✔ Improved Maintenance and Reliability of Rolling Stock
✔ Cost Savings

nMomentum has specialized ITS offerings that assist you in planning, managing and deploying meaningful solutions.

ITS Systems Assessment and Strategy Development

Our experience in CAD/AVL implementations for transit organizations has given us a unique understanding of how to seamlessly implement, operationalize, and manage CAD/AVL solutions.

ITS Implementation Management

nMomentum has extensive experience in program management and implementation support of core ITS technologies such as:

• Smart Phone customer applications
• Systems selection and vendor negotiations
• Multi Modal Regional Trip Planning System
• Automated Vehicle Locator Systems (AVL)
• Vehicle Health Monitoring (VHM)
• Pedestrian Announcement Systems
• Automatic Passenger Counting Systems and GPS Integration
• On-board Video Systems and Intelligent Analytics including Facial Recognition
• Electronic Public Information Display Systems (PIDS) and Audio Systems
• Scheduling and Dispatch Systems
• Customer Relationship Management (Patrons)
• Wireless enabling of route & trip information

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