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Delivering Meaningful Technologies

nMomentum Corporation is a technology consulting and solutions company as well as a minority owned DBE certified business, specializing in the public transportation industry. nMomentum is comprised of industry experts in the public and private sectors of transit, technology, operations, management, and development industries. For the past 19 years, nMomentum has worked with and on behalf of numerous transit agencies to evaluate their needs, design and implement the needed technologies to automate and deliver practical solutions that meet customer and stakeholder expectations as well as result in elimination of inefficiencies and reduction in cost.

The nMomentum team is comprised of transit industry experts that have a long-standing reputation and credibility in evaluating, managing, implementing and delivering quality transit solutions. We are a business that understands our clients’ needs from both a technical and business perspective. Our core competencies are based on the common business problems of improving customer service, operational efficiencies, organization communications & morale, risk reduction, fiscal savings, and compliance. nMomentum is an independent advisor and our approach centers on the client’s interests and objectives regardless of platform or application specifics.

The nMomentum project team possesses the knowledge and experience in the design, selection and implementation of various transit technologies and systems as well as in identifying and providing other crucial stakeholder support to ensure an overall successful experience with deployment. This experience comes from the team having lived through the entire process from initial vision through assessment, design, funding, selection, implementation, testing and on-going management. This is the kind of knowledge and experience that sets nMomentum apart from the rest of the field.

nMomentum’s primary goal is to deliver sustainable and meaningful solutions to our clients, our communities and our profession with commitment, excellence, dedication and integrity.

nMomentum’s expertise spans the core public transportation business functions and various transportation technologies. We are a professional services firm that is focused on public transit and we work on behalf of the Transit Authority. A sampling of our services, offered through a flexible engagement approach, includes:

Assessment and Implementation Services

·        Program/Implementation Management

·        Technology and Operational Assessments

·        Strategic Planning and System Selection

·        Business Process Re-engineering

·        Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Development

·        Business Policy / Process Manuals Development

·        Comprehensive Classroom and Interactive Training

·        Capital Program and Project Management

·        Operations Management, Planning and Consulting

·        Maintenance Assessment and Process Improvements

Intelligent Transportation Systems

·        Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) / Automated Passenger Counters (APC) Systems

·        Advanced Fleet Communication Systems / Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems

·        Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

·        ADA / Paratransit and Mobility Management Systems

·        Emergency Response Systems (ERS)

·        CCTV / Video Surveillance Systems

Electronic Fare Payment Systems

·        Automated Fare Collection Systems

·        Mobile Payment Solutions

·        Multi-operator Regional Fare and Clearinghouse Systems

·        Evolving Fare Media Options (Open loop payment cards, passive tags etc.)

Customer Information Systems

·        Customer Self Service Applications / Customer Information Systems

·        Automated Trip Planning Systems

·        Real-time Schedule Information

·        In-Vehicle Information Systems

·        Mobile Alerts and Real-time Rider Information Systems

·        Terminal/Stop Information Systems and Pedestrian Information Displays

Enterprise Systems

·        Reporting and Business Intelligence

·        Data Warehousing Systems (mirroring, replication, data marts)

·        Timekeeping, Blocking, Run Cutting, Rostering and Driver Management

·        Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Maintenance Systems

·        Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Financial Information and Payroll Systems)

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